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  Building Surveys:


Building Surveys

 We carry out full building inspections to ascertain the necessary solution for your problem.

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When a property has faults in its external fabric, but has not been repaired, over time damage develops elsewhere as a direct result of the original fault. Further works are then required to rectify both the original problem and the follow on problem. This is what makes dilapidation so serious. We can carry out a full survey, itemizing the most important works and give an estimate of the probable cost for all the repairs.

We will also consult other owners of the same property where necessary, informing them of your interest in carrying out the repairs. We also give your neighbours an opportunity to provide alternative quotes. We can use a title deed search to find all the owners of the property, then when the works are complete or stage payments are due, we will invoice each owner separately for payment of their percentage for the works.

Where necessary we consult with a structural engineer to find out a best practice approach to follow in carrying out the repairs. Further consultation with the local building control department may be necessary before works are started. We normally charge an hourly rate for the survey plus any expenses incurred.


  Roof Surveys


We carry out roof surveys normally with the assistance of one of our approved roofing contractors. We will concentrate on the slate/tile condition and any flashings. All skew pointing and chimney repairs can be dealt with.

Where specialized roofing materials such as copper, lead, felt or other recent products are present, we have specialist contractors for each available to quote for any repairs. They may also give an expert opinion of the lifespan and possible problems associated with the material. The main purpose of carrying out regular surveys of roofs is to provide an accurate picture of the condition of the roof and to reduce long term effects of the ageing of roof materials. We normally charge a prearranged fee for the survey. Where necessary we will sub-contract a specialist contractor who will carry out the survey.




We have sub-contractors who can give your boiler (solid fuel, gas or oil) a service and check over all possible problem areas around the property.

The other areas such as gutters/down pipes, waste pipework and connections can be included.


  Fabric Repair


As mentioned in the Dilapidation Survey above, we can include surveys of the external fabric of your property.

Areas covered are:

  • Ground levels
  • Dampness caused by rising ground moisture: Affects masonry, concrete and timber floors
  • Downpipes and gutters
  • External pointing, render, stucco finishes and tile hanging
  • Window and door frames
  • Glazing



  Dampness Monitoring


The equipment we use for monitoring dampness includes: moisture, humidity and temperature sensors. We also use other non invasive instruments and attachments. Where major works have been carried out we can install remote monitoring systems that can give a representation of the effectiveness of the repairs measured over a longer period. We use a central monitoring company that installs the equipment necessary to send data through internet connections.


  Tradesman Supervisions


We can carry out post treatment and intermediate checks on works being completed by your own or our sub-contractors. We will report direct to yourselves so that you can determine any measures needed if the work is not up to standard. We can carry out inspections discreetly after working hours, during the evening and at weekends.

  Contact us for more information:


  0845 638 2199


  07521 368 300



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