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  Why Genius Property?

What we can offer you


Genius Property concentrate on supplying maintenance services and building consultations. We intend to fulfil our obligations to you by:

1. Making sure we have your instructions correct.
2. Giving you a comprehensive quotation before you engage us.
3. Following through by offering you a permanent solution.

Please refer to our services page to find out which service we will be able to provide for your property.

  Our Experience

We have over 30 years experience working on various types of property. Please ask us for specific property types. In the past we have worked together with clients to provide such things as shop fitting, woodworm, dry rot and damp-proofing solutions that worked. Please ask for further details.

Because we are very dedicated to our job we sometimes take longer than we estimated, this is because we want your project to succeed. If we need to carry out extra work due to unforeseen problems, we will send you photos of the problem and detail why we feel you need to pay extra. We do not ask you to spend more on your property than you want and will negotiate and re-negotiate to find the price that you want to pay.


  To send a work request, please visit: http://go.genius-property.com/ticket/.


  Your Project

If you need to speak to us face-to-face about your property, just leave a message and we can arrange a meeting. We follow this up by informing our sub-contractors of your problem, who may also request that you meet with them to discuss the matter further.

We charge a small supervision fee for our service at 5% of the cost of the work (subject to a minimum of £30.00).

We can offer a subscription based service after full inspections and background reports have been made. This will allow us to carry out work over a longer period, for a smaller monthly outlay. Our experience of the construction types of various properties allow us to foresee the longer term cost of maintaining your property.

See our Contact Us section for further information.

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We are pleased to present our new FAQS Section with the first article:

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