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  "Communal Sense"


Cleaning and maintenance of communal areas of your property is good for you! Good for environmental health, and good for the health and safety of all your schemes' occupants.

We can fulfill these targets by carrying out periodic checks and cleaning of communal areas. We can undertake any renovations, cleaning and upgrades, while taking the responsibility for invoicing each owner separately for their percentage of the costs.

Within the terms of your title deed there should be a clause stating who is responsible for the cost of maintaining common areas and who is responsible for arranging for works.

If your title deed does not have such a clause, and no "Tenement Management Scheme" has been set up, you are responsible under the Tenements Act 2004, for obtaining quotes, arranging repairs and then finding part payment from the other owners in your block.

See: Tenements Act 2004 (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/asp/2004/11/contents).

We are offering as part of our service:

  • Free Survey
  • Free Quotation
  • Free Title Search

The periodic checks we can make cover: Entrance doors, Door entry systems, Emergency Lighting, Fire control circuits, Fire fighting equipment, Fire walls and doors, Fire retardant paint to walls and ceilings, etc.

After the initial survey has been carried out, we can offer our services for a fixed annual fee.

We can take the worry out of payment for the whole works by invoicing the respective owners proportionately by title deed, floor area, or by negotiation with all owners.

Other areas where we can help are repairs, cleaning and upgrades -

  1. Repairs to: Carpets, Vinyl, Stairways and treads;
  2. Upgrade structural integrity and fireproofing of the stairs, ceilings and landings;
  3. Cleaning and repainting of: Stair, walls, ceilings, hallway and landings;
  4. Replacement locks, keys, damaged doors, etc.
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